We are so excited to work with you on your print project!  We want this to be an easy and streamlined process for you.


Before you upload your artwork, we want to help you streamline artwork submission process the best we can. To do so, please see some of the guidelines we have created to help promote your success in your artwork upload.

Artwork Guidelines

  • Please be sure the document dimensions are correct for the intended output size.
  • All images should be correctly positioned and linked within your Adobe InDesign or Quark document.
  • If you are using logos or graphics created in Illustrator (vector format), please have all type converted to paths or outlines.  This will help avoid font issues during the pre-production process.
  • Please remove all unused colors within your Adobe InDesign or Quark document.
  • When designing an element that requires bleed, please be sure that your document has at least ⅛” (0.125”) bleed on all sides.  
  • We also recommend one last check that all documents have been proof-read before submission.  Doing so will help avoid unnecessary alterations and charges prior to print production.

Additional Technical Recommendations

  • We recommend using Adobe InDesign or Quark for your document layout.  Microsoft Office products are not recommended for print production.
  • Images enlarged beyond 120% of its original size can cause the image to lose resolution, affecting clarity and detail of the image.
  • Please be sure to use images you own and are allowed to reproduce.
  • Please avoid using compression methods (i.e. LZW or JPEG) on images.
  • All process images and links should be in CMYK.  Using the RGB colorspace will cause a color shift when converted prior to production.
  • Please include all images/links and fonts used within your document.
  • Supplying your Account Manager with a PDF for reference of all submitted artwork is a great way to help our prepress team confirm accuracy between our proof and the submitted artwork.
  • Please compress all files prior to uploading and label clearly with customer name and job title.

Upload Artwork

Please click the button below to visit our FTP site and upload your artwork. Thank you and we look forward to working with you on your project!